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Computer games and flight simulators

Flight Sims have now become a force to be reckoned with in the gaming sphere. Who doesn't wish to experience the joys of flying a diverse range of aircraft in varying conditions and places? Few things beat making a successful landing of a jet on an aircraft carrier in the dark! The list of things you can do with the R4 DS Card is very long and we will only dwell on a few in this article.

They include being able to watch movies, listen to your favorite songs in ,p3 format on your Nintendo DS or DSi soothe, read eBooks on your Nintendo DS, just to mention a few. But one of the things that prompts most people into buying is the fact that you simply get the opportunity of having the thousands of freeware games that are out there for the R4 DS. The R4 DS Games released as home-brew or freeware are all free games and applications that you can download and copy to the micro SD Card.So here’s a quick little run down of some of our favorite R4 DS games that are free to download and play for your Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi console. The R4 games listed below cover different types of games and apple styles. We’ll be covered every type of game,from action and rpg games to puzzle games and the latest must have applications too. This is part 1 of our r4 ds games you must have series. Although these games are great, they pale in comparison to popular games like the virtual pilot 3d flight simulation software.

Manic Miner: This is the typical old classic, given a new lease of life for the R4 DS and quite possibly one of our most favorite of all R4 DS Games out there.You take miner Willy and navigate him through all of the missing levels. There are two modes of play. Both the original game, in all of it’s retro glory is included as well as the update remake which is the fail mode of contend. But try both, and decide whether itsgame graphics that make the game or the pure awesome game-play that is Manic Miner..The NES DS Emulator: If classic games are your favorite pass time, then you can really get down to some classic gaming on your Nintendo DS by having access to and playing all of your old NES games just as if you were sitting in front of your TV. There’s not much more to say about this one is there? No way, the title perhaps say's it all.

Aviation Mechanics and Real Life Flying

Your time as an aviation mechanic is too valuable to be spent looking through stacks of reference books to find a particular chart, formula or diagram you need on a particular job. The editorial staff at ASA has done this job for you and compiled this Aviation Mechanic Handbook to be a handy toolbox source of useful information for beginner pilots. For your convenience, this handbook is arranged in 16 sections with a table of contents at the beginning of each section, as well as a complete table of contents at the front of the book and index at the back. This information has been compiled from a large number of industry and government publications, and every effort has been made to ensure its applicability and accuracy. The ASA Aviation Mechanics Handbook is a companion volume to the ASA's Dictionary of Aeronautical Terms. The two books are the core of ASA's training materials for aircraft mechanics."

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